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Restaurant Server Resume

Great Restaurant Server Resume

Do you want to be a restaurant server?   Restaurant servers,  also known as waiters or waitress in the old days work in a fast-paced environment dealing with many customers.  Restaurant servers can work for independent restaurants, but and also be employed in large restaurant chains such as Earls, Cactus club, and Boston Pizza, and so forth.   Restaurant servers are required to be available to work irregular hours, sometimes working till the restaurant closes well past midnight.  But if the restaurant is busy and your service good, you are rewarded with great tips.

Today is we will look at what makes a great resume for a restaurant server.  You learn a few simple tips to get the attention of any restaurant manager.

Knowledge Of The Restaurant Business

In the education section of your restaurant server resume you want to you highlight the training and education that you have relevance to the food and beverage industry.  While those who worked in the kitchen will need training related to food preparation, safe food handling such as food safe, and so on.  Servers need training related to customer service.  Training such as “serving it right” have gained a reputation in the food and beverage industry as a must-have.  Getting the “serving it right” certification does not require much time and goes a long way to building your restaurant server resume.  Remember the last thing a smart manager wants is to provide bad service and get a bad restaurant review.

Knowledge Of Wine

Knowledge of wine is very beneficial to your restaurant server resume.    Especially in fine dining restaurants a server that knows wines, who can help a customer select an appropriate bottle to accompany their meal is a definite asset.  There are many courses that you can take at night school, continuing education, the local community center, that will give you an overview of wines.  It’s great to take these wine tasting courses since you get to try tasty wines.  Best of all, you can include the wine tasting certificate that you will obtain at the completion of the course.  Wine tasting courses at the high school, night school usually are not too intensive either.  Another approach to display or demonstrate your knowledge of wine is to join a wine tasting club.  Showing a wine tasting club and include a this on your resume within the Hobbies and Interests action on your resume.

Another great place to put in your hobbies and interests section in your resume is that you take wine tours.  If you live near wineries make sure you take advantage of the wine tours they offer. This is a great way to show the restaurant manager looking at your resume that you have a deep appreciation for wines and have some knowledge in this area.  And of course as mentioned remember that courses completed that relate to the hospitality, and customer service, and food preparation would be definitely an asset to include on your restaurant server resume.

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