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Restaurant Resume Tip

How To Write A Great Restaurant Resume

How do you go about writing a great resume for the restaurant and hospitality industry? This is a good question because true talented professionals in this industry are those that have the golden touch when it comes to stellar customer service. These are the people who no matter what positions they are in be it manager, server or bartender hostess can improve revenue due to their excellent service skills. If you’re one of these true hospitality professionals and you are struggling to learn how to write a great resume your luck. Because today we are going to talk about CV tips for those in the food business.

Customer Service Focus

The most important soft skill when it comes to the hospitality and restaurant industry is interpersonal and customer service skills. A strong customer service skill is what really separates great employees from average employees. Often the success of a bar or cafĂ© is determined largely by the service it delivers. This is especially true when it comes to franchise restaurants in the food and beverage industry. A Starbucks coffee bought from one location is the same as a Starbucks coffee but from another location your difference is the service. Just think about all the items that you sell in your food and beverage establishment whose quality is determined already. For example Coca-Cola and all the soft drinks all the fries that you may purchase that are argued premade from companies and so forth. Sure food quality preparation consistent methods are also very important, but let’s face it the difference that the customer really sees is that the service that they get. The point here is that if you are planning to apply to a food business, it would be wise to highlight and focus on your customer service skil

How can you go about convincing a high profile employer in the restaurant industry that you’re the one to hire? Testimonials from former managers, reviews from food critics, food magazines, and newspapers, all served as powerful social proof that you can deliver an excellent dining experience. So if you have collected any of the above accomplishments, ensure that you insert these into your resume.

Interpersonal Skills – “A People Person”

Interpersonal skills are vital to success for food and beverage professional. You use these skills as a manager to resolve conflict between employees, to motivate your staff, and so on. As a host or hostess, you use your people skills to empathize with hungry customers when there are long wAs a server you use your interpersonal skills to read your tables. So make sure you highlight your interpersonal skills in your job application.

How do you do this? You demonstrate your interpersonal skills on your resume by mentioning activities and accomplishments that highlight your ability to work effectively in groups or teams. For example instead of listing playing video games in your hobbies and interests you should mention the team sports that you play. For example if you volunteered to put together birthday parties social events at that volunteer places, groups this would show a potential employer that you have strong interpersonal skills. In essence what we try to do here is to paint the picture that you are a people person.

Relevant Education and Training

Very few people I like development training education when it comes to applying to jobs in the restaurant industry. There is one exception to this, and that is those professionals who are in the kitchen applying for positions such as pastry chef, gourmet red seal Chef, etc. The vast majority of jobseekers do not list relevant education training. For example if you are applying to be a server at the local franchise casual dining place such as Earls, cactus club, milestones, and the boathouse, you should highlight training such as serving it right, any high school foods and homec courses you’ve taken. Also training such as food safe, and first aid are assets in the food and beverage business.

In addition to the food prep and service courses, language training is also important. If you’ve taken some foreign language courses, be sure to include these in your work application. Especially if you’re applying to cafes whose clientele is largely the tourist crowd, the ability to speak Spanish or French is a tremendous asset to this employer.

So in summary, the secret to a knowing how to write a great f&b resume is to highlight your customer service, interpersonal skills, and showcase your relevant education. By doing this your application will stand out from the rest and get you on the shortlist for any high profile food establishment.