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Show Some Teeth, Get A Job

Nervous Nellies Never Get the Job

I sat on an interviewing panel and just finished interviewing 6 candidates this week.  And guess what?  Every time, the candidate who forgot to smile and didn’t make eye contact got a negative review.  So what is the lesson here?  Remember to smile in a job interview.  Especially for those of you who may be nervous or are naturally shy or soft spoken.

Employers take eye contact to convey trust and smiling suggests that you are social and friendly.  And I know that it may be unfair to bypass candidates who are slightly more introverted and that in fact an employer may very well be bypassing a great candidate and hiring a weaker one based on the smiling thing.  But my experience indicates that most employers are looking for an employee who will fit in and in an interview they choose the candidate that they felt a “connection” with.

Studies show that when it comes to communication, people trust body language more especially if there is a discrepancy between body and verbal language.  So while you may say you have good social and interpersonal skills, the hiring manager will confirm this with your non-verbal communication.  This means if you get nervous in job interviews, make sure you don’t look it.