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Get Jobs in a Recession

In this economic crisis, the ratio of applicant to job opportunities is greater than ever. What can you do to increase your chances? Well to start, you should ensure your resume is up to date and sells you to the employer. A good test is to scan your resume against the job ad and ask yourself, “would my resume catch the attention of the employer?”. At a glance your resume should show your achievements, contain job titles and headings that matter to the employer in an aesthetically pleasing way.

“All things being equal, the technical skills are the same — it’s usually the person with more forthright personality”

“Someone who convinces the employer they can do they job is going to be hired.”

Henry Goldbeck, President, Goldbeck Recruiting

Beyond a good resume, your interview skills should be sharp. The quote above is from one of our corporate clients, Henry Goldbeck from Goldbeck Recruiting. Henry, is the president of Goldbeck recruiting, a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) with over 20 years in recruiting experience and believes that with all things being equal it’s the connection you make in an interview that determines success.

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