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Warehouse Manager Resume Sample


Attention Supply Management pros, here is a sample warehouse manager resume to your use. It seriously is effortless for you personally personally to create a resume in case you’re applying for that publish of warehouse manager position. In this fictitious warehouse, shipping and receiving sample we have utilized fake names, addresses, and so on to preserve the anonymity of the candidate. You’re invited to make use of the format to assist you develop a good warehouse manager resume. Great luck!

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Warehouse Manager Resume Sample

jacob SMITH

1234 Sample road, abilene, alabama, USA
Cellular: 768-8900


Warehouse Manager with over 3 years of Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving experience. Areas of expertise include (insert your areas of expertise). Proven ability to (insert your proven track record). cheerful , adaptable , diligent work ethic , fluent in arabic and English.

jacob takes on the conventional and the most unconventional challenges to deliver results that exceed expectations; possesses strong interpersonal and leadership skills for any employer looking for rare talent

Walter White, Director of Day Care

work experience
American Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving Inc, abilene, alabama, 2006 to Present

Warehouse Manager

  • Improved distribution center operations through technology and process enhancement while leading the existing team.
  • Optimized forecasting by implementing improved supply chain, including financial forecasting process
  • Reduced turnaround time by over 14% for budgeting and supply chain planning requirements for both inbound raw materials and outbound manufactured products
  • Exceeded key performance metrics and benchmarks relating to supply chain planning/forecasting set by management
  • Measure actual performance against goals on a regular basis and present results to the firm’s Senior Management
  • Interface with other business functions and facilities to ensure integrated business decisions are executed
  • Optimize management of inventory to minimize working capital while delivering best-in-class service levels
  • Manage order fulfillment process including receiving PO’s, developing time lines as appropriate
  • Established positive relationships with 79 vendors and distributors to ensure that the best freight partners are being used and source additional partners or replace those deemed not effective
  • Increased quality of inbound material for the manufacturing process to prevent shortages by instituting fail-over systems
  • Reduced trucking costs by 8% with best practices and agreements and and restructing for efficiency


  • Certified Warehouse Manager
  • Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving News Weekly, Overcoming Limitations In Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving, 2008

Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving associations

  • North American Warehouse Manager Society
  • National Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving Association

academic qualifications

  • Business Degree, University of alabama, 2002
  • Warehouse Manager Diploma, College of abilene, 1999
  • Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving Certificate, alabama Technical Institute, 1999


  • Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving Society, Fundraiser, 2003 – 2009
  • alzheimer society Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving, Treasurer, 2002 – Present