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Surfing Job Boards and Starting Job Search Engines

In today’s lesson I will share a few job search tips, tools and techniques for a successful job search. You will learn about different ways to maximize your job search using websites, search engines, networking, recruiters, tips and strategies.

Big Job Boards

With the reach of the internet, online job boards like monster and careerbuilder are able to connect job seekers with millions of job openings. These job board giants have jobs listed in every possible job category, industry, state and province. The great thing is you can create automatic reports that immediately send you new job openings that fit your criteria. The other useful feature is the ability to upload your resume and make it searchable by employers, recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters, and human resource professionals.

While making your profile public increases your chances of landing your dream job, there are risks. If you upload your resume make sure you hide details such as your personal details, contact information, current employment, and so on. Also, make sure you read the privacy policy and ensure they restrict access only to those companies who have paid to search their resume database. Checking privacy policy and visibility settings will protect your privacy and prevent your current employer from accidental viewing your resume. The bigger job boards such as Careerbuilder with for jobs in the USA, for Canadian jobs and for jobs in the UK has great privacy and visibiity settings.

The risk to privacy is greater if you happen to have a one of a kind job title or be in a unique industry. For example, it may not take a rocket scientist to figure out who you are if your job title actually happens to be “rocket scientist“.

Niche Job Boards

In the 2007 at the American Staffing Association conference, I learned that there are as many as 40,000 online job boards in the USA alone. With this many choices, it’s hard to know which one to use. However the good news is that with this many choices, there is likely one that is right for you.

There are job boards that specialize in almost every type of job possible. Specialty job boards focus on specific industries, job categories, geographic regions and so on. For example, some job boards like specialize in executive level jobs that pay $100K+ (CFO’s, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers and so on). In contrast, sites like SnagAJob focus on hourly jobs from employers such as Verizon, AMC Theatres, and Kohl’s. Finding job board for your particular nice can make a big difference in helping you find the kind of job you are looking for.

Another interesting tool is using a resume distribution service. Tools like ResumeZapper takes a “shot gun” approach and sends your resume out to thousands of staffing professionals looking for job applicants. The major advantage to this service is that it quickly gives you a tremendous amount of exposure with almost no effort required from you.

With hundreds of staffing professionals registered in each state, using this service can supercharge your job search. This approach takes a mathematical approach, banking on the fact that by sending out your resume to thousands companies, you are bound to get an offer.

The only drawback to this service is getting too much attention. Unless you are willing to relocate for employment, target your resume blast to a few states and/or job types. But if you are open to adventure and looking for a new chapter in your career, send your resume out to recruiters in 50 states and write me a post card from your new digs.

Job Search Engines

Job boards display job ads from employers who have placed their ads with them. But how about the jobs that are not posted on these online job boards? What about the jobs employers post on their company website? Job search engines goes beyond job boards and scours the internet – company websites, professional associations, and in some cases scans other job boards to find job listings for you.

For example, Careerjet is a search engine that scours over 70,000 company websites based on the job title and location you specify to give you job listings. searches sites in the USA while focuses it’s search to websites in Canada.

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