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Teacher Resume Tips

A teacher is a person in the education industry who provides schooling for others. An educator who facilitates learning for an individual student may also be described as a personal tutor.  Most teachers never learned how to write a great instructor resume.  And let’s face it, it’s hard to know what to say or how to sum up your work experience on a piece of paper.  In this article, I provide examples of resume tips specifically for teachers.

Teaching Environment and Specializations

Teachers work in public school settings, private schools, provide private tutoring for students and so forth. In the secondary or high school level, typically they specialize by subjects for which they have the qualifications to teach. In addition, an educator may also specialize in students with learning and/or behavioral disabilities. For example, some focus on students with autism or down syndrome. Commonly these educators may also be known as special needs teachers. Another popular field in is ESL or English as a Second Language. ESL instructors work gain credentials such as TEFL or TESL and work with immigrant populations teaching them English.

Be Yourself On Paper

The one mistake I see over and over again in teaching resumes is the lack of individualization and personalization. This is especially common in newly graduated student teachers with little or no education. When submitting your CV as a new educational professional, learn how to stand out from the rest of the applications. Relying solely on your teaching degree or practicum experience is not going to work since every other student teacher has the same credentialsSo how can you make your CV unique?

How to Use Testimonials From Principals and Professors

Using a testimonial from a school principal and other experienced instructors can go a long way in helping your resume stand out from the rest.   Not only can a education testimonial catch your attention and look attractive visually, but it also shows reinforces that you are capable.

“Her sense of poise, her manner with children, her ability to be flexible and work with emergent issues are all qualities that I expect from an experienced teacher. Ms. Jackson is clearly the type of educator we wish to recruit and retain for our school system.”

Tom Hanks, Principal, Little Flower Elementary School

This kind of social evidence demonstrates to a prospective employer that you are one to hire. After all, we all want to go to the party or restaurant with the biggest line up.

What Makes Your Application Different?

A great tip for your resume is to learn how to differentiate yourself from the rest of stack.  The first step to making your application unique is to ask yourself what makes you different than other instructors.  Indicating that you can create lesson plans and manage classroom behaviors will not distinguish your application.   Instead, think about your unique education experiences, think about your own teaching style and philosophy as a instructor.  For example, if you do not have or cannot obtain a testimonial you can include your personal teaching philosophy at the top of your CV.

“I respect my students and try to model my beliefs. I value learning and still get excited from teaching. Every single day is new.”

For example, think about your hobbies or outside interests that will make you a better instructor.  For example, you may have first-aid training or you know how to play a musical instrument.  Perhaps you speak a second language or you have experience competing in a sport.  Learn how to leverage your hidden talents and it will make your job application stronger and more personalized.

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