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Ten Suggestions to Increase Your Job Security

With the state of the economy, it’s understandable why people are worried about losing their jobs. But in most situations, the future of your job security rest squarely on your shoulders, not your employer. Normally, a manager will make a decision if you will stay or leave, based on your worth and contribution as an employee.

The key to maintaining job security is to ensure you are employable. You can make yourself more valuable to your employer by understanding and putting into action the following ten suggestions. They are key to your current and future success in your career.

  1. Increase the value of your work. Your work only has value if someone is willing to pay for it. If you want people to value what you do you need to deliver on the “implied promises” that are inherent in your job description. They include: You will do your job and to the employer’s standards. It’s also implied that you will be honest and that you will complete your job on time, every time. In other words, do the job for which you were hired. Follow this and your work will be valued.


  1. Your boss determines the value of your work. Your boss or your customers determine the worth of what you do as an employee. This may be hard to hear, but it’s a fact. Focus on your “customers” and what they expect. Ask your fellow co-workers and superiors what their expectations are of your work. You will be more successful when you deliver what your boss expects from you.


  1. Always do your best. Like the old saying goes, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Take it a step farther and make it great. Show more interest in meeting the needs of the business, rather than your personal needs. When you go out of your way at work, to help reach the company’s goals, you will find that your personal needs will also usually be met. We all have an internal voice that lets us known when we have truly done everything we could have. Being mediocre equals being easily replaceable.


  1. Be an advocate of your boss. Do everything within your power and ability to make your boss shine. Do your part to meet the needs and objectives of your boss. Show appreciation and your support of your boss whenever possible. The more supportive you are of your boss, the more support you can expect in return, particularly in tough times in an organization.


  1. Be a team player. Realize that few people can succeed in life without the help of others. Help out whenever possible. Don’t engage in gossip or criticism of fellow peers. Talk positively about your colleagues and offer encouragement. Recognize the achievements of others and praise them. Make sure other people like you by being good at what you do. Be a team player in all of your actions and words.


  1. Appreciate others. Someone helped you get ahead. Give credit to those who support you, directly or indirectly. When you recognize and praise others for what they have done for you, they most likely will do the same for you. Creating a synergy among fellow peers almost leads to great things for your performance and career.


  1. Provide input at the right time, in the right way. Share your opinion and views. Help others succeed by identifying and sharing where improvements can be made. But do so diplomatically. Have practical, valid reasoning. Avoid the temptation to preach or act as if you know better than others. Offer solutions instead of complaints, build up rather than tear down.


  1. Go with the flow. Change is inevitable at work as it is in life. Good workers are always looking for ways to work faster or cheaper. Never become complacent in your work. Always look for opportunities to improve. Show your employer that you are prepared to do whatever is necessary to guarantee success in the new business goals.


  1. Embrace the peculiarities of your organization. Don’t be a whiner. Every company has something peculiar about it. Good employees are able to look past it and it’s this attitude that makes them especially good employees. Bad employees complain all the time and let it affect their performance. Be the good employee who advocates the quirkiness of the organization you work for and you will have a better chance of advancing. After all, a company will not promote a worker who is not on the same page.


  1. Be the employee of the year. Even if you don’t get a plaque for it, provide exceptional service every time. Get it done, do it right. Be an employee that can always be counted on by your manager and fellow workers. When you are considered a high value employee, you are providing job security for yourself. There is always a place for high value workers. Remember, you can easily transport their high value to any organization for whom you work.


A Final Note


Employers tend to reward employees who deliver on the implied promises, meet expectations, and focus on business results. They appreciate employees who support their boss and their fellow workers. Employees who speak up and offer suggestions for improvement in a kind and respectful manner are respected and looked upon for solid advice. The best candidates for success are those who are open to change, can tolerate the company’s idiosyncrasies, and who model an excellent work ethic every day that they are at work.


Employees who follow some or all of the suggestions consistently will find that their value will continue to increase. Savvy employees realize their employment future is within their own hands. They control their own destiny and their career.

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