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The Boss Can’t Write

According to International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey (IALWSS) and other experts Canadian executives are frustrated with the literacy skills in their employees.

From the majority of resumes I have reviewed, this literacy problem is not surprising. I have seen many, many poorly written resumes from very experienced and otherwise qualified individuals seeking employment. One resume example that comes to mind was a mid-level manager that came to me for our resume writing service. This person started out as a clerk in a large corporation and within a hand full of years managed 2 departments. But I had to take a very close look and I mean look deep to see the career ladder. In working with this client I confirmed that he was a very qualified candidate who earned his promotions. But had I been a hiring manager with a stack of resumes in front of me, I doubt very much that he would have been shortlisted.

Poorly written resumes, if you have ever posted a job online or employment advertisement you will know what I am talking about. HR professionals, recruiters and staffing agents have all seen their share of poorly written resumes. The reason for this is simple, resume writing is an acquired skill like any other skill. Many individuals find summarizing their 10 or 15 years into 2 pages an extremely difficult exercise. Likewise, junior candidates with little work experience are sometimes challenged to find the right words or enough words. Regardless of which case you might fit in, if you are seeking employment and wish to considered for a job, it is worthwhile investing a bit time to learn how to write your resume properly. If you really hate resume writing then hire a professional.