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Resume with Only One Employer

Never before have workers changed careers as much as they do today. A study, conducted over 25 years by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, tracked the employment histories of 9,964 workers who were 14 to 22 when first interviewed and 39 to 48 when interviewed last. It found that the average younger Boomer has held 10.5 jobs throughout their careers. It is not uncommon for todays employees to have 5 or 6 employers within a few years of entering the workforce.

Of course, not so long ago such frequent career movement could be frowned upon in the employment circle. Old world employers perceived this frequent changing of jobs and careers to a lack of career focus and loyalty. Of course in today’s employment market, this type of job changing is quite common and even expected by some employers. In fact, the view of staying with one employer has come full circle in some ways. Today, a job applicant who has moved around is seen to brings diverse employment experience, ambition among other things.

Regardless of how it’s perceived, the days of waiting around for your retirement and the company “gold watch” is not very common. While staying with one employer is not so common for today’s workers, there is still a select group of employees who have served only one employer in employment history. If you were one of these job applicants, how would you best write your resume when you have worked a one or two employers? Here is a great article on how to write your resume when you have only one employer to list. This is a great resume writing article for those who have served one employer for a longtime but now find themselves looking for something new.

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