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Write a Great Job Posting, Get a Superstar Employee

How to Create an Awesome Job Posting


When a recruiters create a job ad, they need to understand how sophisticated job seekers think and look for jobs, especially highly productive and skilled employees. Superstar candidates are not just looking for a job, but a career in stable organization. Here are six tips on how you can grab long-term, career minded candidates:


  1. Make sure they can find you. Savvy candidates search for available positions using  relevant keywords. Make sure you use all the commonly used keywords in your posting, job title, description and other information. Include multiple keywords in your job description. For example, if you are searching for a software engineer, you may want to include the following keywords in your job ad: software, engineering and other technical jargon that engineers are accustomed to reading.


  1. Be specific. Job ads should contain a detailed description of the position and requirements, location, company bio and employee benefits. Job postings that are detailed attract more serious candidates.


  1. Make it clear and simple. Busy professionals don’t have the time to read ads that are not right to the point. Create a job posting so that it is reader-friendly.  Use bullet points, paragraph breaks and other formatting features and highlight the most important points and perks of the position.


  1. Expand Your Limits. Be sure to include surrounding cities and metropolitan areas in your job postings. For example, if your job opening is located in San Diego, CA you should also mention the Southern California suburbs in your posting. This will help attract candidates willing to relocate to nearby cities.


  1. List Job Posting Under Several Industries. Place your job posting in various job search platforms for different industries. For example, if you are recruiting for a Communications Director for a hospital, you should link your job to the healthcare, communications, writing, marketing and public relations categories. This will bring up your job posting in more Internet searches.


  1. Create a buzz. Always create a job posting that creates a buzz about the position and your organization, too. This will help attract employees that are not just looking for a job, but a career in a company that is going to be in business for a long time. These are the sort of workers that you want. They will be strong advocates for your business goals and will stick around to help you attain them.


Just as a candidate has a few seconds to make an impression, the same goes for an employer seeking a superstar employee for their organization. Taking the time to create an exciting and attractive job posting will be noticed and appreciated by a candidate looking for a career. And this is exactly the type of candidate every employer should seek to recruit in order to save time, money and help their organization continue to grow.

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